So I’ve been working basically all evening and here I find myself at nearly 2am. I didn’t sleep much last night. My cough kept me up for most of the night and when it finally settled down, I found that I couldn’t fall asleep. Do you know the sun comes up at around 5:30am? I sat in my desk chair and looked out the window. I watched as the sky went from dark, to grey, and finally to blue. It was beautiful.

Then I managed to feel tired enough to get maybe four hours of sleep in. I’ve gone through the whole day with only a half hour nap. Yay me!

Which brings me here to the present. It’s weird, I don’t feel tired in the normal sense. I do feel like my mind is trying to separate from my body, trying to lift away. It’s pretty interesting. I have to be awake at 8:30am tomorrow, but I’m going to see how this plays out for a little while longer.

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