Tonight, it took me over four hours to write three more pages of my report. I’m up to eight pages and I can only write a maximum of ten pages. I’m not going to write any more tonight. When I start again tomorrow, I’m going to wrap it up, print it up, and hand it in.

I too peeved to write any more tonight. I wrote a final exam today and this report is due tomorrow. This is all for the same class mind you. Then on Monday, I have another assignment due. Guess what? Same class. So it’s final exam on Wednesday, report due on Thursday, and an assignment due on Monday. That’s a span of less than a week.

I live in a residence with other grad students. The consensus is that’s not how things are supposed to be done in grad school. You can ask your students for two of those three things but not all three.

In my estimation, my report is not very well written, but if I had more time, I would have done a better job. The thing is due at 4pm tomorrow. I’ll probably hand it in then, go home, have dinner, and watch the game.

After that, I’ll go work on that last assignment.

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