Several months ago, I wrote that I really enjoyed the trailer for 13 Going On 30. I was predicting that I would unlikely get anyone to go with me, especially any of my guys friends.

Well, tonight, my good friends Rhonda, Sarah, Kristina, and Bryan came along to see 13 Going On 30 with me. What good buddies they are.

The theatre population was skewed towards the female persuasion. Rhonda pointed out the only other guys there were on dates. It would have been really weird to see a group of guys there by themselves.

Anyways, the film was very good. Going in, you might think it would borrow heavily from Big, but it finds it’s own unique path and storyline. The whole movie rests squarely on the shoulders of Jennifer Garner. Her energy is what makes the movie work and it is an admirable first-time performance as a leading lady.

Yeah, some of the reviews aren’t so good, but who are you going to believe? Some “know-it-all” film critic or me, your good buddy Erwin? Trust me.

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