Do you know that relaxing can be tiring? Even doing nothing can take a toil on you. Well, not that I’ve doing been exactly nothing. I played a lot of sports on the weekend (for me). Two hours of hockey on Saturday and then tennis for the first time on Sunday. I was a bit sore today.

I also went to a housewarming on Saturday night. This was attended by people from my junior and senior high days. Some of these people I haven’t seen for years. You know what? People do get better with age. Suprisingly, a few of my old classmates mentioned they read this site. I think a few of them just saw my site once, but just in case I do have some regulars, I’ll say hi to Fraser, Col, and Jenn.

I bought a game on Friday, it’s called Contract J.A.C.K., the official prequel to No One Lives Forever 2. I finished it last night. Wow. I paid $30 for it, I expected it’d be longer. I played it on normal difficultly and I felt challenged. It was a good game, just not long enough. I was in Future Shop again today, and I did feel the urge to buy another title. That’s just not smart though, $30 every two days for games.

Tomorrow, I gotta focus on getting some errands done. I gotta leave the fun behind for a day. I have to pay some library fines, get a free copy of WinXP Pro from the CS department, put in my TA assignments requests for September, and clean my bathroom.

Though I’m kinda tired right now, I feel like chatting with someone right now. The problem is it’s 1:30am and most people are in bed right now. There are not enough night owls in this world. I’m looking at my MSN list and most people are either offline or away (probably in bed). There’s one guy who might be awake here at SJC that I’d like to talk to, but he’s doing thesis work tonight. I need a late-night chat buddy to just shoot the breeze.

Here’s a totally off-topic fact, the smaller window in my room won’t close. A sliding mechanism in the window has seized up. Luckily it’s been warm out and I’m a lazy ass, so it hasn’t been a problem.

I can tell exams wil done tomorrow, I can hear the undergrads from Vanier yelling their heads off outside. If I cared more, I’d shake my ornery, gnarled fist at them. Back in my day, exams last three months and you didn’t drink beer afterwards, all you had was Ovaltine… and you liked it!

Well, let’s end the ramblings here. I’m getting hungry and Family Guy Vol. 2 is on my desk.

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