I was going through some files on the old hard drive tonight. I found a picture I took when I had the LCD projector for my lecture here at SJC. They give you the projector the day of the talk and you get to keep it almost twenty-four hours.

I got the thing in the afternoon and even though I was supposed to study, I couldn’t help but set it up with my computer. I placed it on my desk and had it face the wall next to my bed. It was awesome seeing my Windows desktop that big on the wall. E-mail was larger than life! It was like surfing the Internet on a huge billboard sized screen. Later, some guy told me porn must have looked great too at that size, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Of course, I had to try out some DVDs, and it did not disappoint. In a perfect world, every room here at SJC would have an LCD projector mounted in the ceiling.

Take a gander at how movies look at my wall. A prize goes to the first person to correctly identify the movie I was watching (it’s a gimme).

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