Well, exams ended on Tuesday and the mass exodus of undergrads have begun. On Wednesday, I saw plenty of cars, vans, and trucks filled with belongings as students headed off to wherever they live during the summer.

The campus will become a lot quieter and less crowded now. Summer at UBC is my favourite time to be on campus. The weather is nice and you don’t have to fight your way through throngs of people.

Unfortunately, the arrival of summer also means the end of the U-Pass for the year. U-Pass was our cheap bus pass for the year. It allowed UBC students go anywhere for a fraction of a regular bus pass. No worrying about transfers and no worrying about zones. Stupidly, the AMS and Translink could only agree to make the U-Pass go from September to the end of April. This despite the existence of summer classes, not to the mention that grad students are in school 12 months of the year. A broadcast e-mail was just sent out tonight about the earliest a summer U-Pass could be instituted… summer of 2005. I’ll be done by then. Guess who does have a summer U-Pass though? SFU students

In other news, unlike last summer, I actually have some guarded optimism about getting a summer job this year. Last year, I fretted for about a month before I pulled a horseshoe out of my butt and landed a great job on campus. Things are much better this time around. I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll keep quiet for now.

Alright, I gotta go do some stuff. Later.

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