An hour ago, I completed my presentation here at SJC. It went very well. My friend Garrett (also a former tester) showed to listen as well.

I finished well within the hour. I think the audience was kept fairly entertained throughout. I wasn’t nervous at all and the words just came out naturally. I didn’t really work off a script so most of it was just casual remarks. All my demos went off without a hitch. The game crashed exactly when I thought it would.

The whole thing just reinforced my belief that as long as I know what I’m talking about, I like giving representations.

Unfortunately, I feel like doing nothing else this evening. This I cannot let happen since I have an assignment due this Thursday. It’s worth 10% of my total mark in the class, so it’s not a trivial assignment. The bad news is that I’m having a lot of trouble with. I’m probably going to have say goodbye to a huge chunk of marks on this one. I’ll probably won’t finish in time. It bothers me, but what can you do? This stuff happens sometimes in school. You just move on.

Until Thursday though, I have to keep at it, which isn’t something I feel like doing tonight. Well, you know me though, I’ll get back into the saddle in about a half hour or so.

See you later.

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