For the first time in recent memory, I watched two movies tonight.

I got through three-quarters of Lost In Translation before leaving for Elf at the SUB theatre.

They are two wildly different movies, but share the common thread of being very good pieces of cinema. Bill Murray remains a favourite of mine. His string of recent of successes in more serious roles has given his career a new angle. It’s hard to believe he used to sing the Star Wars theme in a ski lounge. Translation is a great looking film. Everything looks so clean so sterile in the movie, which only adds to what the main characters are feeling in Japan. Stupidly, I rented the full screen version of the film, so I wasn’t able to see it in the correct aspect ratio. As a whole, the awards Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Coppola have won were much deserved.

Elf was a lot more heart-warming than I expected. It was very funny as I had predicted, but there was genuine heart to it that made it that much better. It’s clear that Will Ferrell can carry a movie. Not bad for $3 at the SUB theatre and they didn’t play any trailers too!

Alright, I have to finish marking an assignment.

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