I’ve taken blogging on the road this weekend. I am at my sister’s nice place in Victoria. It’s been an interesting weekend thus far.

I forgot to pack my PJ bottoms, which I only figured out before I went to bed on Friday night… at midnight. Can you imagine me going to bed at midnight? Anyways, I was pissed off at myself for not packing my bottoms.

Carolyn was my bedmate and she was like, “Dude, if somehow your jeans get removed in the middle of the night, it’s cool with me… just as long as you stay on your side of the bed.”

I slipped into bed and under the covers. Then, I took my jeans off to my ankles.

“Nope, this isn’t happening.”

So, there I was in my jeans at midnight. I laid there and tossed and turned… I made hand puppets, thought about Eurotrip which I had saw that night… I eventually ran out of things to do. Around 2:30am it got kinda interesting. Someone who shall go unnamed, laughed out loud in her sleep. It was a short, terse laugh. HA! Then someone else who shall go unnamed started snoring. It rose in intensity from a low rumble to a near bed-shaking climax. She stopped after that.

Somewhere around 3am I fell into a restless sleep. At around 7am the freaking alarm went off. Not sure why it did, it might have been set before we got there on the clock radio. I was not pleased. Nor did I reach for it. Rhonda somehow turned it off by throwing it to the ground. That was basically all she wrote for sleep for me.

Around 9am the ladies around me got up and started showering while I prayed for more sweet sleep to wash over me. It did not happen. Then phone rang. It was the most chipper voice I’ve ever heard Bryan speak.

“Good morning! Where is everyone at?”

“Well, I’m in bed and Carolyn is with me.”

“How long do you think it’ll take everyone to get ready?”

“I dunno, twenty minutes?”

“Ok, we’re all ready over here for breakfast.”

“Good for you, bye.”


I hung up and made a small little pillow fort around my head. It was too late, I had to get up. I went to breakfast with everyone and bought some PJs. I left the group around 2pm to go back to the hotel. I napped for about 10 minutes (in my new PJs). I also watched some HBO and Showtime. Then I walked over to my sister’s place.

I feel a bit better now, but the previous evening didn’t really leave me with a lot of energy. I hate to mention it, but travelling with people with similar sleeping patterns does make things easier. Invariably, it’s the night owls that get the wrong end of the bed because there’s fewer of us, and we have to do the adjusting. Manifesto anyone? Oh well, it’s cool to be on the road with my friends no matter what. I just wasn’t very fun to be around today. Hopefully, I will be more rested tomorrow, but I doubt it since I anticipate getting up early again.

Well, I’m going to have a nice chat with my lovely sister now.

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