Over one year ago, Ryan Allan, a former co-worker of mine, embarked on an ambitious journey to launch a web site to end all web sites. Spurned on by the fizzling successes of this site,, and, Ryan thought he could make his mark with No one knew what he was going to do, but most people assumed it had to do with his series of Flying Box games that he designed.

Once he secured a domain, he threw up a “Coming Soon” page and there that page rested, complete with an annoying spelling mistake. Months went by without any word from Ryan. One day, he corrected the spelling mistake. Then over Christmas, he changed the page once more, promising that the site was “nearly complete”.

No launch ever came though and the beginning of February rolled around. Time for his domain to be renewed. It was not renewed. In a matter of weeks, the domain will be let back into the public for anyone to claim once again.

Sure, it was $20 US down the drain, but the greater loss was the loss of what could have been. If one can take a lesson from this it’s if you ever buy a domain, do something with it.

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