I do not like the beginning of each semester of school. I’m not really sure what classes to take, so I’m showing up for a handful of them right now. Since I’m not sure which one to take I’m doing all the work in each of those classes until I am sure which one is the right one.

This Animation Physics class I’m in has been a handful so far. The math in it is quite a challenge. We already have an assignment due on Thursday. I’m not sure if I have the necessary background in it to do the course sucessfully. This is weighing heavily in my mind. I’m sure this course would be helpful when I re-apply to EA again, but then again I don’t want to wind up doing poorly in it.

I went to another class yesterday, it’s called CAD Methods and Applications. That seems completely unrelated to software engineering, but suprisingly it’s not. All the assignments and the final project involves programming and writing code. The course isn’t about using a CAD system but looking at how it works and writing code to extend it. From the first class, I get the feeling I’d handle this class much better than Animation Physics, though it is less useful (though not entirely useless) in my career later on.

I’m not sure what to do, I only have room for one more class and I need to choose fairly quickly which class to take. I’m going to take this weekend and work really hard on my Animation Physics assignment. I’ll see how it goes and then I’ll have a better idea about my suitability in that class.

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