After a long day of TAing, talking to a prof, and getting my haircut, I came home around 5:30pm. I was kinda tired and dehydrated. Patrick knocked on my door almost immediately after I got back.

He asked me what I was going to tonight. I told him I was going to work and try to make some headway on my assignment. Patrick said this in reply, “There’s no way you’re going to work. It’s Friday. I know you. I’ve known you for almost a year now. You’ll have dinner soon, chill out, cool down, find some other crap to do, pretty soon it’ll be time for Letterman, then you’ll want to get some food, and the next thing you know it’ll be 1am.”

The man was dead on. Patrick left to go to White Spot with Jeff. I thought I was going to just order in and do work. Kate came by and asked me if I wanted to go for sushi for dinner. I said yes. By the time we got back it was 8:30pm. I do some cleaning of my room, watch some TV, put some laundry in, and it’s nearly 10pm.

Rhonda came by for a cup of tea and some conversation. By the time she left, it’s 11pm. I do some news watching, Letterman, and some more dicking around… bam, it’s 1am. Am I that predictable?

If I could salvage one thing from the day is that I might have a solution to my problem with choosing classes. Both Kate and Rhonda helped me figure out an option where I’d audit Animation Physics (prof willing) and then take the CAD course for credit. We’ll see what the prof says.

I’m going to go waste some more time now.

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