It’s nearly five am. I shoudn’t be up and it’s probably not a good idea to be blogging now either. Oh well. This is what happens during final exam time.

I’m a day behind my study schedule for my AI final exam on Thursday. I did not do a lick of studying on Saturday. Instead, in the afternoon, I wound up somewhere downtown, food shopping, and sniffing Rhonda’s bread on the Aquabus. I got back at 5pm and a sane person would have ordered in and started studying for the night. Instead, I somehow wound up at Earl’s for dinner. Yep, it was good company and food all around. The meal was smooth as Merino wool. So a sane person would have started studying at 9pm when I got back, but instead I played Trivial Pursuit till midnight. And there my friends was my day.

I sorta live by this rule these days. If I have two competing options with what to do during the day, I use the rule: Ten years from now, which option would I remember more? Just about about everything is more memorable than studying, thus my choice on Saturday. I didn’t have this rule in undergrad, and it probably accounts for my unrealistically high (given my mental capacity) undergrad GPA.

I tried my best to kick some ass today, but I’m not sure if I made up a day. I’ll probably have to go hard again tomorrow. You know, I was at this stage of studying yesterday, I’d be in great shape. What’s done is done though and you can’t change the past.

What? No, I can’t. I haven’t even warmed up! Alright, alright, I’ll sing you a song.

Good night folks!

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