Yesterday, I wrote the final exam for my AI class. I was a bit nervous going to it, though I wasn’t sure why. I already had about 50% in the class, so passing wasn’t the problem. There is also this fuzzy area about needing > 67% in your classes to stay in grad school. That meant I needed at least 34 marks (out of 100) to get to that 67% level.

The exam took place in this really, comfy room in the Forest Sciences Centre. It had big tables and nice chairs. We had three hours to complete the exam. I’m guessing that I got 65-70% on the exam, which means I should get an ‘A-‘, but we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s been a while since I’ve had an exam with a three hour time limit and I used almost of that. After I got home, I was very relieved and ready to relax. I took a nap and went to dinner. After dinner, I vacuumed my room, which needed it badly. After that, I helped a fellow SJC resident, Adam, with his video presentation for his CS 544 course. He needed a narrator for his video, so I went over to his room and laid down some tracks. We were debating if I should do it as Robert Goulet or Bill Cosby, but I played it straight.

I made brownies after that. I enjoy baking and I haven’t done enough of that this year. I couldn’t frost my brownies (not a euphemism for anything) until it was cool, so I really had nothing else to do. It was around 11pm and I thought, “I need a beer.”

I knocked on Patrick’s door and good sport as he always is, he obliged me. We went to Koerner’s on campus and had some beer and good conversation. Patrick is a good, dependable friend.

Afterwards, we made our way to McDonald’s for some food. We came back around 1:30am and I wanted to frost my brownies (why does that always sound dirty?) but Chris engaged me in conversation for nearly half an hour.

I went to bed after that and I woke up at noon. It’s nearly 2pm and I’ve done nothing all day, and I really should start studying for my other exam.

I’m feeling and acting like I’m done all my exams, which is a very dangerous thing to do. Ok, I’m going to frost my brownies now.

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