I’m done my exams. I wrote my final exam for databases today. There was a section of the course that I wasn’t really able to wrap my brain around. I kinda bit it on that part of the exam, but I think I was able to muddle through with some marks.

It’s amazing some times how the material only makes sense a day or two before the exam. If you were to ask me how to recover a DB from a crash on the weekend, I would have looked at you like I had just caught a bat with my teeth. Today, it was clear to me.

I was thinking the other day that a final exam is probably the closest thing a “normal” person comes to playing a game-seven in hockey. Three months of classes, assignments, readings, tutorials, late nights are distilled into 3 hours or less of writing on some paper. If you have a bad day, you might have very well wasted all that effort. Scary.

Anyways, now that I’m free, I can do anything I want until January. Woo-hoo! Rather than paint the town red tonight, I didn’t really do anything. I am exhausted. It’s been a tough week and I look forward to some free time.

So, what am I going to do? I really need to clean my room. It’s a mess in here.


In between this sentence and the last, Chris, Adam, and I went to Subway and Macs. I got a seafood and crab sub. It tasted awful, worst Subway sandwich I’ve ever had. I hope I don’t get sick.

More later.

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