Today was the third time we’ve been out to play hockey. We’ve kind of settled down into a routine. We don’t have a goalie, hell we don’t even have goalie equipment, so we run offense vs. defense drills. One team is O and the other is D. When a goal is scored, the teams which positions. The teams also switch when D is able to clear the ball past a certain line.

When we get tired of running around, which is pretty damn quick, we switch to a skills competition. With an empty net, we try to hit the net from sucessively greater distances, marked off by the lines of the parking stalls. The farthest line is on the other side of a concrete wall. This wall has a hole in it with a diameter of about 3 feet. First guy to hit the net from there wins. I won that competition, hitting my last three shots in a row without missing.

The next competition is to hit either the posts, the crossbar, or a small target we have set up in the net. This is considerable harder. This one took a while to get a winner, but in the end, Phil took the challenge.

Thanks goes out to Adam, Phil, Jamil, and Aseem for coming out.

Here are some blurry photos of the event.

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