www.erwintang.com RELOADED

Sometime after the night of the 28th, the machine that handles my web site and e-mail stopped working. It just slowed to a crawl and died. With it being the holidays, it took me several days to contact the right person to get the machine re-started.

For those two days, I had no access to my e-mail nor could I access or change my site. That also meant that no one else could visit my site either. Some of you might have noticed this.

While this was going on, I decided that I’m going to do what blogger does. They maintain a separate server, purely for updating people on the status of the main blogger service. So when the main blogger servers go down, the status server still is running to tell people what’s going on and how long it’ll be before everything is back to normal.

I decided to go the quick and easy route and used a geocities server. So, if you ever come here and things are screwy, go to www.geocities.com/erwintangdotcom/ to find out what’s up.

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