Wow, I really did a whole lot of nothing today. I wonder what it’s like to be one of those super-efficient people who do a million things in one day. It must feel so good.

So, it turns out my costume for the party was well-received in general. Tonight at dinner, Carl came up to me and said, “Dude, you made my night.” That was nice to hear. I got a few other positive comments. The weirdest comment came from Rhonda who said, “I’m glad you’re out of costume now, it was kind of frightening.”

Some guy beat my record of consecutive hours in your room without leaving. I previously had set the record of 26 hours last year. I did it from 4pm Saturday to 6pm on Sunday. I thought that was pretty good. At dinner tonight, Tyson told us he spent approx. 36 hours straight in his room. From approx. 2am Saturday morning to around 4pm or so on Sunday afternoon. Now, if I may, I must point out that he was completely wasted by the time he rolled into his room at 2am and he spent a lot of the 36 hours asleep. For the most part, he was trying to recover from drinking. I was working my ass off for most of my 26 hours, so I figure you have to put a disclaimer on his record at the very least. I’m not bitter or anything, he’s got the record for sure. It just means I can get a tub of Hybernol and try to break the record some time later.

I’ll leave you with a treat. My Halloween pics will be up shortly, but here’s another person’s gallery. Thanks Sarah!

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