It just dawned on me that I’ve done essentially no work since Thursday night. My whole weekend was a non-productive mess. I went home to my parents’ place to pick up some supplies and wound up doing nothing but lying around. I was supposed to do use the weekend to work on a database project. My project partner and I agreed to work on separate parts of the project. We’re meeting on Monday to discuss what we’ve done.

It was my belief that my part would only take an hour or so. Stupidly, I left that hour to the last part of the weekend. I’ve just examined what is required for me to finish my part of the project and there are several things that I’m not sure how to do. I could probably figure it all out, but that would necessitate me staying up all night to do, and that just wouldn’t be a good idea.

At the very least, I can come armed with some really good questions tomorrow when I speak to my partner. I hope he can answer all my queries (no pun intended).

Meanwhile, my readings for my AI class just snuck up on me and I’m about a chapter behind now. I also have to mark two huge assignments for my tutorial class.

It will be a very challenging week for me.

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