We’re into the last two weeks of term. I’m getting a bit stressed. I have a project due on Monday and another big assignment is due next Friday. Five days later, I have my first final exam.

No one else here at SJC seems to be feeling the stress. The problem is that most of my friends here are in their second year or later of their graduate degrees. That means their coursework is all done, and December is just another month in their research or thesis-writing.

To me, December is crunch month, just like it was in undergrad. That’s what I get for enrolling in a pure coursework based graduate degree.

So while people are chilling out, watching movies, and relaxing at night, I have to remember I need to go full-out in the next couple of weeks before I can take it easy.

My last exam is on the 11th of December. The SJC Holiday dinner is on the 10th. I always have luck like this. One day more and I could have really enjoyed the dinner. There’s no question that I’ll go to the dinner, but I’ll probably have to excuse myself from the post-dinner festivities.

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