It took me from 8pm to 2am to read and take notes for nine pages from my AI text book. That’s just unacceptable. It should have taken me an hour… tops. While I was “studying”, I managed to watch an episode of Punk’d, talked to Rhonda on the phone, had Sarah come over for a chat about on-line purchases, made the post you see below, watched Letterman in the background, and surfed nearly continuously on the Web.

When I was done at 2am, I went upstairs to clear my head. Miriam was still in the study room. I went in to see how she was doing. She’s handing in her thesis soon and is busy making last second corrections. We chatted about how stressed she is. I tried to convince her everything would be alright. I’m not sure if I succeeded. What I did take away from our conversation is how much dicking around I’m doing. Miriam is finishing up her M.A. thesis and I can’t even read nine pages from a text book in an hour.

I have a big assignment due on Friday, a project demo on Thursday, and a final exam nine days from now. I know it’s go time, but I can’t seem to step up to the challenge. Maybe I need more food.

Hey, I found something interesting while wasting time tonight. Click here, I swear it’s pretty cool and work-safe.

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