I didn’t think I had time to post, but I do. Why? Well, I was going to upload some images to the Future Shop web site to get them printed out on photographic paper. I’ve been to the site half a dozen times in the last few days to check it out. It’s a bit cheaper than London Drugs and closer to campus. So, tonight, when I really needed to access the site to upload and order prints, the damn Future Shop site is down. Why the hell does life work like that?

The same damn thing happened with the course web site a few days ago. You know that expression, “if he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all”? Well, I guess it doesn’t apply to me really, but having the same string of bad luck is frustrating. Of course, when 8am rolls around next morning, the site will be back up because people will be at work to fix it. Isn’t the whole point of having a web site is that so commerce can be transacted at all times of the day?

I need the long weekend to relax and take it easy, so that I don’t get all riled up for inaccessible web sites.

I am so hungry right now. I wish I had like 20 chicken wings right now. Or a plate of the stuff below.

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