The students in my tutorial have a quiz on Wednesday. I promised them I’d mark their last assignment and leave it in the classroom so they could study from it. I told them I’d put it there at the very latest on Monday. Today, Sunday, I thought I’d be early and return the assignments now.

I walked over to the Civil/Mechanical building, went upstairs only to find that the classroom was locked. Damn. I looked around a bit, hoping to find a janitor or something. No luck. In the seven years I’ve been at UBC, I don’t think I’ve seen a janitor once in that building during the weekend.

I thought about leaving the assignments outside the door to the classroom, but the hallway is well-traveled and I can see some goofball scattering them all over the place. There are no boxes outside the classroom either.

I could have constructed some sorta folder-thingy and then taped it next to the door, but I was short on time and had to go to my parents’ place for dinner.

In the end, I took the assignments back with me. I can either figure something out on Monday or wait until Tuesday when the classroom will open for sure. If I wait until Tuesday, I hope my students won’t be mad at me for delaying it a day.

You know I wonder what they’ll put down on their TA evaluation forms when the time comes. Every TA gets evaluated at the end of the term. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but I hope I don’t get something mean, unless it’s so outrageous, it’s funny. That I won’t mind.

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