All UBC residences that fall under the jurisdiction of UBC Housing have a standard set of amenities. These include weight rooms, laundry rooms, and most importantly (in my mind), convenience stores. St. John’s College, where I live, is technically not part of UBC Housing. Unfortunately, we don’t have a little store to get things like milk and juice.

Fortunately, we live right next to Place Vanier, which is under the jurisdiction of UBC Housing. They have a fabulous little store called Hubbard’s where you can buy almost anything you can get at a 7-11, and the includes Slurpees ™!!! Since I lived in Vanier before, I knew this place existed, but many of my fellow SJC residents did not. A lot of them probably thought the Village was the closest place to get supplies (at least a fifteen minute walk).

In light of this, I sent out a mail last night to the SJC distribution list explaining to everyone I’d take a group of people over to Hubbard’s if they wanted. I got several positive responses, so I felt like there would be some participants. At 9pm tonight, I arrived in the lobby area to find five people waiting for me to take them to the store. Dana was one of them and he even had a digital camera to record the event. Um, ok.

Anyways, everyone was real excited for my tour and I was glad they were so enthused. The walk took less than five minutes and Dana was taking pictures all the way along. We passed by the windows of all-girl dorm and I was afraid some of us were going to get into some mischief. Thankfully, no pervy problems arose. We all entered the commonsblock with me in the lead. As I walked towards the store, I immediately, saw the lights were dimmed and the sliding glass doors were closed. WTF?

We gathered in front of Hubbard’s and I read the sign that was taped there. The person running the store that night was sick. Son of a bitch! The one friggin’ night I decide to lead a group over and the store is closed. This is the sorta luck I’ve had all my life! What are the odds! I apologized to the whole group and through the glass, I pointed out the various food items they could have purchased if they hadn’t been victim to my bad luck.

I felt really bad for everyone on the way home. On the walk back, I saw one of my students from my tutorial. He called out my name and I said hi. He probably thinks I live in Vanier now. I bet that has him confused.

If you’re interested, there are some really bad photos of me from our trip on Dana’s web site.

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