Rarely, as a student, do you find yourself with nothing to do. I have a big AI assignment to start, a midterm to study for on Wednesday, and a tutorial I need to review. That was on my plate today. I managed to get to the last two, but didn’t get to the first.

I could have worked every waking minute today (which I did not) and I still would have been not finished. It’s times like this you have to realize what else are you putting off because of work.

I’ve learned that because of this spectre of work that always hangs over a student, people can put things aside that might take five seconds to finish. Things like taking out the garbage or phoning a friend. If you’re going to be studying 10 hours for the day, what is five minutes to take out the trash or seeing how a friend is doing?

I sometimes forget that lesson myself. I plan on going to bed at 4am. I could easily study until then. I’m really tempted to. What else, though, am I putting off? Lots of things; things like paying my bills on-line. So… let me go do that….

Okay, just did that. Whoa. What a miniscule balance. Now, I need to go start my on-line loan application…


Figures… I’m not sure who to blame, our provincial government as a whole or the people running the loan app system.

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