Yes, I need to finish my story in New Orleans, but I ran into a bit of difficulty during the weekend. It’s called my AI assignment. Holy crap, this monster of an assignment is due on November 5, and I wanted to start it today. Yeah, I know you’re thinking Nov. 5 is a long time away, but have you seen this assignment?

It was today that I took a serious look at it. My assessment is that I’m in a heap of trouble here. It’s got four problems to it. Each problem has at least three mini-problems to it. I’d say each mini-problem would require about half a working day (four hours) to finish, and that’s if you knew what to do from the beginning… which I do not.

I don’t mind doing lots of work for an assignment. What I don’t like is wasting time and banging your head against the wall because you inherently don’t know enough to do a question. The worst thing about this assignment (and I know this already) will be begging the prof for scraps of info, any tips, or hints he can give us. Just thinking about it makes me want to weep.

It’s too bad I had to read this assignment today. My Saturday was so much more enjoyable than my Sunday. On Saturday, I marked an assignment, got some groceries, someone cooked me dinner, and I watched Finding Nemo at the SUB.

Well, it’s time to go to bed.

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