I came back from a McDonald’s run about 45 minutes ago. It is freezing out there. I think it’s mother nature’s way of saying, “Hey mofos, let me remind you it’s just about November out there.” Did I just type the word mofos?

My heat has been on most of the day. The air is getting really dry now. I can feel it and I can see it. How can I see it? There are quite a few doors here at SJC that have photos adorned on them. When the air turned dry, the photos began to curl out of shape. When I walked down the hall this morning, some photos had curled so much that they peeled off their adhesive and fell onto the floor.

We also have a photo board in the Social Lounge. It shows the picture of every resident at SJC. About 15 or so photos had fallen off. Mine, just to let you know, is still firmly attached.

So dry air is a bad thing for me. I have really sensitive skin and it gets painful when it’s this time of year. I usually have to lather myself with moisturizer every day. On some nights, I humidify my room. When I do so, I’m not shy about it. I turn the air into the Amazon. I know when to stop when the moisture starts dripping off my toilet tank. It feels so good when the air is so moist.

Change of topic, but I think I may get this AI assignment finished in time after all. Notice I didn’t say I’d ace it. Ah well, you can’t win them all. I’m much happier about it than I was a week ago. You know AI doesn’t just stand for Artificial Intelligence. A little birdy that I know, who grew up as a farm-girl, told me that AI also stands for Artificial Insemination. I’m not sure which AI I’d be better at.

Well, I better get on to other things. By the way Jordi, I know you’re reading this.

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