I am glad the week has ended. I’ve been really stressed all week. Actually, I’ve been stressed since school started. Not only did I have to deal with school, I also had duties as one of the ushers for the wedding of two of my close friends, Nic and Marcia.

Their wedding was on Friday evening. My ride to the wedding was late and I nearly caused the whole production to be late as well. I spent most of the way to the wedding fretting in the back of a mini-van. If it weren’t for the re-assurances from my friend Rhonda, I probably would have been much more nervous.

I arrived five minutes prior to the scheduled start of the wedding. What made it even more important for me to be on time was that the History Channel was on hand to tape the wedding ceremony. A relative of Marcia’s was the last Canadian to win the Victory Cross.

About five minutes after I got there, I realized I hadn’t caused that much strife and that things were going to be ok. It was a wonderful and quick ceremony. I’ve never been in a wedding party before and I didn’t realize the importance and honour of such a position until I was actually at the wedding. It’s a hell of a lot of work, but it can be worth it in the end.

With the wedding over, I thought today would be the day where I could get caught up with the rest of my life, namely concentrating on school again. I got off to a late start by waking up at 11am. I had to return my tux, but I dicked around to 3pm before leaving. I partly blame that on Arash, and you can ask him about that if you see him.

After returning from downtown, I had sushi for dinner at the Village. Blah, blah, blah… next thing I know it’s 9pm and I still haven’t done any work. By then I figure I’ll start easy by marking an assignment for the tutorial I’m teaching.

Three hours later and I still haven’t finished marking it. I realize I’m new to TAing, but I’m being really careful about marking, getting it right, and making helpful comments. I need to speed up my marking or else I’ll be spending more time on it than I’m paid.

Unfortunately, I’ve done nothing for my own classes and I need to do that soon or else I’ll be really behind.

Well, I gotta go and get some sleep for tomorrow.

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