Over the weekend, I was in Pacific Centre when I passed by one of those carts they have in the mall level. They were selling Sea-Monkey starter kits. I picked up the cheapest one they had.

It looks identical to the one I had as a kid, right down to the location of the magnifying bubbles on the plastic tank. I remember my Mom helped me clip an order form from the back of a comic book. We sent the form away and a few weeks later the kit came in the mail.

Even as a kid, I knew the elaborate illustrations of Sea-Monkeys in clothes and doing activities as a family were a bunch of crap. They’re a special kind of brine shrimp. How special? Well, a few weeks after I had my kit up and running, as a typical kid is prone to do, I knocked the tank over. The whole thing emptied onto the carpet, much to the chagrin of my parents.

For some reason, I didn’t clean out the tank and just left it to dry out. Weeks later, I put more water into the tank and pretty soon I had new Sea-Monkeys. That batch lasted much longer and they got to be quite large in size and complexity. In the end, I had to flush them down the toilet, because I swear my little Sea-Monkey society was mere days away from acquiring the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

So, I have a new tank now. I’m not allowed to have a cat or a dog and fish are too time consuming for me, so these brine shrimp should do the trick. I only need to feed them once a week, so that’s something I can do. When they get bigger, I’m thinking about putting them on my webcam.

If all of this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because you might have seen RALLAN do something like this. I figure we’re even because I’ve visited his damn “new” web site for months now and it stills says it’s “mere days” before it launches.

Well, it’s getting really late and I’ve done squat all weekend. I’m going to get my ass kicked by school work this week. Have a good one everybody!

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