I have a friend Ray who lives in Northern California now. We did undergrad in mechanical together. He’s been in Vancouver for a week or so to attend his sister’s wedding. With that out of the way, he had time to come visit me. Not only that, he tracked down two other undergrad buddies of ours, Eddy and Johnny.

I haven’t seen these guys in years. We all went out to dinner tonight. It turns out that Johnny is back at UBC doing an undergrad degree in Computer Science. His end goal is to get a Ph.D in Com Sci. He just started from the beginning this summer. Wow. We might be taking a class together in second term. Sweet. After nearly a decade, it’s funny to think we’ll be back taking classes with each other.

In other news, I came home around 4:30pm today. I go and check my mail and there’s a slip of paper in my mailbox.

“You have a package waiting for you in the SJC office. Please pick it up between the hours of 9am and 4pm.”

It’s my digital camera. It has to be. It’s waiting in the office. If I had come home half an hour earlier, I’d be taking photos of the lint in my belly button right now. Instead, I have to wait until 9am tomorrow morning to get it. Bummer.

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