Weekends always seem longer when you go out and do stuff on Friday night. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, I still wish it was the weekend, but I did a lot of stuff nonetheless.

The highlight of my day was trying out my newly restrung racquet with Matt and Mitchell. After watching Andy Roddick play the last couple of days, I was like, yeah, I can hit like that.

So Matt and I get out on the court first. We warm-up and pretty soon we’re trading bombs back and forth. Well, as big as bombs can get from two grad students in their late-twenties. The disappointing thing was that I was hitting pretty well only on my backhand side. My forehand was going nowhere. I haven’t had a forehand in about two years. I don’t know where it went. Here’s a little tip for ya if you play me… hit to my forehand. The difference between my two sides is night and day.

Well, Mitch joined us soon after, and two hours later, we were ready to call it a day. I love playing tennis. Arash calls it “tennis fever”.

I showered and went to dinner. Here’s a little fact about SJC you may not know about. Dinner on Sundays is usually pretty disappointing. They usually don’t serve meat on those days and we’re stuck with a vegetarian meal. Tonight, we had tortellini stuffed with cheese and spinach. It was far from satisfying.

I didn’t really do much this evening. I got hungry around 10pm and called Adrian (who has a car!). He agreed to pick me up for a food run. Of course my timing was great because Rhonda came by to get her dinner and to chat. I had to kick her out after five minutes to meet Adrian outside. I felt bad.

Anyways, we went to 7-11. I got a sub. I think I’m the only one that likes 7-11 subs. They’re great late in the evening as a snack.

Now, I gotta go work on some web stuff for work. And back to that…

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