I’ve arranged it so that my work term ends after the third week of August. I wanted the week off to rest before the school year starts and I get my ass kicked.

A little while ago, an idea creeped into my head that it would nice to get on a plane and go somewhere for a few days during my break. It helps that my Mom is a travel agent. She’s indicated that a free (or radically cost-reduced) flight to anywhere in the US or Canada wouldn’t be a problem. The only problem is accomodations. I’m not sure how much she can help me there.

Well, there’s also one more problem… where to go? I’d like to stay in North America, because it’s closer and well, I don’t have a current passport right now.

I have a few places in mind right now, they are (in no special order): New York City, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Regina, Orlando, and Hawaii. You’re probably wondering what the hell the ‘Peg and Regina are doing in that list. I’ve never been to those cities and it’d be cheap to go there.

Vegas is good in that there are always package deals and flights are plentiful. The downside is that I’ve been to Vegas before and it kinda sucks going to Vegas alone.

NYC is an attractive choice because it’s Manhattan. It’s a great city with lots to do. I also have a buddy there who just moved into an apartment in the Upper West Side. I haven’t floated the idea of staying with him, but at least I could try asking him. With a free flight and and possibly free lodging, this might the cheapest of the US destinations. There might be a downside to NYC in that it’s a big and bustling city. When I went there the first time around, it was great to be there, but I’d come home some days and feel like I’d been through the biggest urban jungle in the world. I’m looking for relaxation and I’m not sure if this is what I’ll be getting.

I chose Orlando for only one reason… theme parks. I’m a kid at heart and it’s been over ten years since I’ve been to all the attractions. This trip will be expensive for sure. I’d like to stay at one of the many themed hotels that Disney runs, but that’ll be pricey. The tickets to the parks aren’t cheap either. I’m also worried that spending an entire day walking around and lining up isn’t exactly the best way to re-charge my batteries.

Hawaii was a choice that was just mentioned to me today. I was talking to my boss at work about where to go and she mentioned Hawaii. It’s been years since my parents took the whole family to Honolulu. If I was looking for relaxation and rest, then this would be the destination. Nice weather, beautiful views, and endless beaches would await me there. The only drawback would be cost. I’d need to find a somewhat affordable place to stay.

What do you guys think? Where should I go? Feel free to list places I haven’t even thought of.

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