I found this article on-line while I was surfing on my lunch hour today. The topic: how to decipher signs from a girl that is romantically interested in you. I was quite interested in this piece because historically, I’ve required signs as overt as a metaphorical billboard to figure out what the hell a girl is trying to tell me.

When I read the article though, I was dismayed with the various disclaimers littered through out. This sign means this, but then again it might not mean that. I guess that’s understandable and just plain reality, but it kinda reinforces my point of view that women, in general, can be extremely hard to figure out. Also some of those signs that are described are dicey at best. I’ve had several women exhibit one or two of those signs, and I knew for sure she wasn’t interested.

For the five people that read this blog, I’d like to open the floor up for discussion. Failing that, let’s talk about the 13 year-old Indian boy who still has flies coming out of his wang.

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