I was in dire need of a laugh tonight. I managed to dig out this piece of comedy I found a few weeks ago.

At most universities, when students graduate, they have a commencement address given by (hopefully) a distinguished guest. The more prestigious the institution, the better the speaker. Some US schools get former Presidents, famous authors, or news people. At a few universities, they have what’s called Class Day, it’s usually a day before graduation. The day is much more light-hearted than the formal proceedings of commencement.

This year, Harvard got former SNL funnyman Will Ferrell to give the Class Day speech. In my opinion, the speech he gave was a knee-slapper. There’s an on-line video of his speech. It’s in Real Video format and you have to move the time marker to about 1:30:00. If you don’t, you’ll be watching an hour and a half before he comes on. Try watching right to the end when he receives his gifts from some students. Hi-lar-ity!

Click here for said video.

By the way, I had no Class Day when I graduated.

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