I’m watching Fear Factor right now. It’s in the background while I write this. I haven’t seen that show in a while. They have a lot more well-endowed female contestants than they did before. I’m not sure if they’re better at eating insects than less-endowed females, but I guess it works for the ratings.

Anyways, I was at the new Village market this evening buying some mangoes. There was this girl in the produce section with me. She looked a lot like this girl Kim that I went to high school with. I wanted to say, “Excuse me, but is your name Kim?”. I didn’t though, because I wasn’t really sure it was her and even if it was, I didn’t really know Kim very well. I wouldn’t really know what else I would say… “I went to high school with you…. um, I like your melons… you usually don’t see them for $0.75 a pound…”

At work today, I felt like I really accomplished something substantial for the first time. I got to change the dates on some assignments and then I posted the revised documents on the course web site. Yeah, I know, it sounds easy, but it was the most significant thing I’ve done on the site so far. This might not mean much to some of you, but did you know APSC 201 is being offered four times a year now? Back in my day, it was only twice. Now it’s year round. Apparently, there are people who are taking this course sometimes three or four times before they pass. It’s mostly non-native English speakers who do this, but man, that’s gotta suck.

And finally, I went on a stag over the weekend. I am going to write about it but I’ll some time to carefully think about what I will divulge. Stay tuned.

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