I had a great weekend, which is surprising since I haven’t had one of those in quite a while.

On Friday I was reminded that food is something that can be universally enjoyed. I enjoy watching hockey, but some guy in Peru might not like it. A good meal, on the other hand, that’s something everyone can enjoy.

I was given this reminder when I went over to Dan and Tracy’s place for a dinner party. Tracy is quite the budding chef. She had planned a spring themed dinner. For starters, they made lemondrop martinis for the guests. The appetizer was five different types of mushrooms baked in a light puff pastry. It was perfectly garnished by some pesto. It was delightful!

The main offering was rack of lamb brushed with mustard. This was accompanied by mashed potatoes with fennel and fresh asparagus spears. Ringed around all of this was a smattering of blueberries and sauce. It was fantastic.

For dessert, Tracy made creme brulee with raspberries. She carmelized the sugar right in front of us with a butane torch. For me, the true assessment of how good a creme brulee is comes when you tap your spoon on the top. Does it go, “tap, tap, tap”? Or does it go, “splat, splat, splat”? I was happy to find it went tap, tap, tap. Like I was tapping my spoon on a frozen Canadian pond right before some shinny.

I must say it was an enjoyable evening of food and drink. Tracy’s cooking skills increase with every meal. Thanks to Dan and Tracy for having me over.

On Saturday, I spent waaaaaaaaay too much money, but I had a blast doing it. Early in the afternoon, I met up with Rhonda downtown and we proceeded to keep the Canadian economy afloat. I bought shoes which I desperately needed. My old ones had holes in several different places. I also bought two shirts. I then remembered the new Special Edition Hunt for Red October DVD was out, so I bought that too. Then we went to Sportchek and got some tennis balls and a few softballs.

All told, that was a lot money exchanging hands. Of course, after a long day of spending money, one has to relax, so we spent just a little more $$$ on dinner and drinks. Sure, it cost a bit, but it was fun day!

On Sunday, it was Sports Day at SJC! I was in charge of organizing the tennis portion. We played doubles to foster a more social environment (plus, it was less hassle for me). I came in third out of four teams! Woo-hoo! There were also croquet, badminton, ping-pong, basketball, and volleyball events, but I ony watched a few of those. What I did do was play catch for just about the entire day. I must have thrown over 100 balls. My arm was sore! I love playing catch.

After the events had finished, there was an outdoor BBQ to signal the end of day. There were hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob!

I didn’t get any work done on the weekend, but I sure had a whole lot of fun.

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