Sorry for being absent from my blog for the last few days. I’ve been concentrating on getting a job for the summer. I’ve been looking since the beginning of May. Ideally, I’d like a job on campus. The commute would be non-existant and I wouldn’t have to worry about the bus everyday.

It’s been very difficult getting responses from anyone. Most of the time, people just don’t even contact you. I’ve sent out nearly twenty applications. Out of those, only two had the courtesy to tell me they selected another candidate.

I actually had a phone interview today for a position I really want. It would involve a bit of teaching and that’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I hope I get the job because I’d honestly have a lot of fun doing it.

Let’s see, what else have I done lately. Well, I caught a preview screening of Reloaded. There are a million reviews out there, so I won’t write my own long-winded one. I will, however, say that it wasn’t as good as the first one. Does that make it a bad movie? As Morpheus said, “Far from it…”. Every middle installment of a trilogy suffers from inherent flaws. It cannot be as fresh as the first movie, nor can it offer the satisfaction of a conclusion of the last movie. That being said, one of the greatest movies ever made was a middle installment. I’ll let you guess what that movie was.

In general, Reloaded falters at times, but the action sequences are breathtaking in their execution. Some have written they serve no purpose plotwise, but irregardless, the visual impact of these scenes cannot be dismissed. I believe a second viewing will reveal that there is much more of a story to be discovered. One will be less dazzled by the action and can concentrate more on the story. I won’t reveal anything, but near the end, new information comes fast and furious. I’m sure I missed some important points.

Does it make me want to see Revolutions? Definitely. There will be those who say Reloaded sucked, but they won’t be missing Revolutions in November. In that sense, the Wachowski brothers have already guaranteed the success of their franchise.

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