I stopped doing work at 10pm on Friday night. I had finished up a long project. With that done, I took the whole damn night off. I can’t really remember what I did. Oh yeah, I went and got some pizza with Nic at the SUB. I vaguely remember seeing Jimmy Kimmel that night too. On TV of course. He had Mike Tyson as a co-host. That’s like eating potato salad that’s been out in the sun for a day and wondering if anal distress is far behind.

On Saturday, I woke up at noon, went downtown and got my pictures developed. I got back around 4pm. I was showing my pictures to people in the study room when Dana came in and invited us to his room for coffee. The man must have the most impressive room in SJC. He had fine rugs on the floor, there were adornments on the wall, and soft music playing. The whole room oozed coziness. There were also plenty of places to sit, including a Lazyboy. Outside his window was a birdfeeder. He had tons of food stocking his shelves. On the counter was a professional expresso machine and a coffee grinder. When we all sat down, Dana circulated a menu from which we were to choose our drinks. This menu could have come straight out of Starbucks.

I chose a mocha. It came in a tall, heavy glass. Dana mentioned that he had made the mochas with microfoam which he said would manifest itself as a velvety coating on our tongues. It totally rocked!

After a period of drinking and chit-chat, we all thanked Dana and departed. Stephanie invited me out to dinner with her, Bruno, and Evelyn. About a half hour, we were on our way to Locus on Main. Unfortunately, the place was packed and we settled on this little place called the Montmartre Cafe. The decor was quaint and very French. The food was good. Afterwards, we went and had coffee at The Fine Grind.

We got back pretty early, but I pissed the time away working on my site. The rest of evening I spent watching TV.

I did nothing today other than watching that awful Canucks game, working a job application, and your average dicking around.

For the last weekend before finals, I’m taking this pretty damn casual. The calm before the storm I guess.


I went to London Drugs today to develop my photos from the Spring Dinner. I took the pictures using a “widescreen” disposal camera. I’d never used one before. I finally jumped in and got my pics burned on a CD. Man, I tell ya, it’s quite a timesaver. I usually scan them in afterwards, but I don’t think I’ll do that again. I feel so behind the times.

Anyways, you can take a look at the pics here.


Further to my previous post about high-fives, I just saw this on TV last night. Are people high-fiving more now?


Have you ever thought it’d take you maybe an hour to finish off a project and but it became several hours, and in the end, you’re really not finished? Yeah, that was and still is my night.

Actually, I could have predicted how this night has turned out. Earlier in the day, I ran into the TA for the course this project is in. I had one simple question for him. “What kind of logic do we use for the last (and really small) part of the project?”

“I have no clue what is going with that part of the project. George (the prof) has changed it so much I can’t even figure out what you’re supposed to do.”

Great. Well, I didn’t believe the TA and I didn’t go see George, and I paid the price for it.

I’ve written about 400 lines of code for this and this last part should be no more than 20. Yet, I’ve spent four hours on those 20 lines. Hmmm… maybe it’s a lot more than 20… nah, that’s totally crazy…

Oh well, I’m off to play a game now…


Well, I didn’t wind up doing anything last night. Due to bad info, I was told it wasn’t worth going to the pub, when in fact there was a good time to be had.

Also, our little late night excursion what called off at the last minute due to some crucial intel that was passed along to us. The duct tape has been filed away for another time. I am, however, still disappointed we didn’t get into some mischief.

A funny thing happened at dinner tonight. Stephanie asked me if there was anything good on TV this evening. I said that 24 was on. She said she didn’t know what that was. I wanted to turn into the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons, but I refrained. Instead, I explained to her how it was a show that covered an entire 24 hour period over one season. Each show detailed the events over the course of one complete hour. Well, as I was explaining this, Evelyn starting laughing. She was listening intently up until this point but I guess she found my description humourous. To point where she kinda turned red and almost choked on her water which had been jazzed up with a slice of lemon.

People asked her what was so funny, but she kinda just looked straight ahead. I wonder what about my description of 24 was so funny. You know I don’t mind people laughing at me, but I think I might put shaving cream on her door knob. Actually, it was interesting seeing Evelyn laugh, because I don’t think I’ve seen her so amused before.

Ok, that’s enough of a break. I’m going back to work.


I have lots of work to do. This in itself isn’t anything new. However, I’ve been led to temptation tonight. At dinner, Stephanie said that lots of people were going to the pub tonight. She said I should come. Sounds like fun.

Also at dinner tonight, I agreed to partake in a covert-op that will occur in the wee hours of the morning. I can’t say much, but it involves duct tape. One of the parties involved said she’s going to go “commando” tonight. In witty reply, I said, “You’re gonna go out with no underwear on?” I’m a funny guy, huh?

Maybe I won’t go to the pub, but I’m down for the late night activities. On the other hand, the pub could be fun


If I can just stop one person from patronizing the dry cleaners at the UBC Village, then this post will have accomplished its goal.

Last Wednesday, I stopped off at the dry cleaning place at the Village. Stupidly, I didn’t read the prices but I’ve been to many dry cleaning establishments and they all charge just about the same. Anyways, I dropped off two sweaters, nothing fancy mind you, one was a wool one and the other was cotton.

Today, I go and pick up my clothing. Total cost? $16.85!!! For two sweaters! I’m used to paying $5-6 per sweater, taxed included!

I know that any establishment is free to charge whatever they want, but $8.50 for a sweater is stupid. Just in case I was wrong, I phoned up a few dry cleaning places around town and I was quoted around $5 each time. They’re probably trying to profit off the fact they’re the only dry cleaners on campus.

Don’t go to the Village dry cleaners if you don’t have to!!!