So how many of you out there use file-trading programs? Probably quite a few I bet. I use WinMX because it contains no spyware and interestingly enough, it’s developed in Canada.

Anyways, I use it mainly to get mp3s, music for the most part. Someone told me it’s pretty good at getting porn too, but I’ll have to take their word for it.

Lately though, I’ve been branching out in my mp3 tastes. I’ve been downloading comedy bits. On Friday night, I downloaded Dennis Miller’s Off-White CD. It’s a bit dated, but the material is still funny. I still think he was the funniest guy ever to anchor the Weekend Update desk on SNL.

Last night, I got some of Jimmy Fallon’s material. He’s pretty funny too. Perhaps not as good Miller, but his stuff skews a bit towards the younger crowd.

Two of his tracks especially hit home. Jimmy has some interesting comments about dorm life at university. If you’ve ever lived at a university dorm, these two tracks will certainly be quite funny. I especially like the one about the midget fridge (I actually own one right now!).

Jimmy Fallon – Dorm Shower Baskets and the Walk of Shame.mp3 – 2.4 Mb

Jimmy Fallon – Hot Plates Four Digit Numbers & The Little Fridge.mp3 – 2.6 Mb

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