I’m tired and have been all week. I’d like a day where I can sleep in and do nothing. Actually, tomorrow comes pretty close. I have no classes and one lab.

Up until a few hours ago that lab was going to be cancelled because of the TA strike. Now the lab is back on. You might have heard or read about this, but the provincial government has legislated the TAs and other striking UBC workers back to work. I have an appointment to get my haircut at the same time as my lab. I’m going to skip my lab. That’s where my priorities lie… lol.

Anyways, the all the TAs I know are pretty pissed about this piece of legislation. All I’ve heard is grumbling and displeasure at the government, and rightly so. While the TA strike is an inconvenience, it has not shut down the campus nor has it prevented students from getting the work done. Yes, the marking is a little bit behind schedule, but the marks will eventually be parcelled out. I’m not sure if any student will be in jeopardy of losing their school year.

So, as we speak there are a group of students heading out to Victoria to protest the legislation. There’s also a big protest rally planned on campus for tomorrow. I get the feeling this one will be quite loud and boisterous.

I am so tired right now. Is it alright to take a nap at 9:35pm?

I talked to the girl with the humour Kryptonite again today. And again I was not funny. When she left, her friend said to me, “Wow, you’re boring when she’s around.”

Ouch. I can’t explain it. Not sure what to do. Maybe I should break out the “do you ever notice…” material.

Need sleep. Bye.

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