That was not a fun week. I had two labs and two assignments, a 10% exam, readings, and some other assorted junk to get to.

Unlike last term, everything goes like clockwork this term. I have two labs and two assignments every week to contend with. There’s no time to slack or else it’s reflected in your work. I’ve never really been an “up-to-the-minute” type student. I rather play the “slack-for-weeks-at-a-time-and-then-learn-the-course-in-a-week-right-before-the-final” type role. It’s worked before and I was hoping to do so again. Oh well.

As you can see, the workload has prevented me from posting as much as I am used to. I feel really bad, because I just recently installed some new page counters for my site. People are visiting in droves and when I write droves, I mean maybe five or six people a day… ha ha ha…

Well, because of the lack of postings, I’m probably going to ramble on more than usual here.

Let me see… what do I want to write about… oh yeah, actress Ali Larter was on late-night TV twice tonight. I wrote about her in an earlier post of mine. She has to be one of the most beautiful women on this planet. On Craiggers’ show, she actually clarified her “pot belly” comment. Ms. Larter said that in addition to the pot belly, she’s looking for intelligence as well. Something tells me she wouldn’t mind if the guy was fit and smart too.

On Saturday, I play my second ball hockey game. Some of my teammates are optimistic about our chances this time around. “It can’t be that bad again… ” is the popular refrain. Those poor, poor suckers. We are bad, and I’m wondering how many games it will take before everyone realizes it. You can’t make progress sometimes until you hit rock bottom.

Gee, what else… well I guess nothing… it’s really late and I kinda want to crawl into bed now.

However, I will leave you with a link for your enjoyment. Have you ever seen pictures of porn stars on the Internet? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but seriously, have you ever seen porn stars in a relatively normal and clothed (for the most part) environment? It’s interesting to see them when they’re not “working”. If you click here, you’ll see a set of photos from a porn convention where surprisingly, nearly everyone is in normal clothing (for the most part). There are maybe five out of two hundred photos where a breast makes an appearance, so you may wanna re-consider looking at this from work. Click here for a work-safe photo.

I am going to get some much deserved sleep now. Later.

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