We’re months away from final exams, but I already have a hunch on how one of them is going wind up.

I’ve spent the last three hours working on a discrete math assignment. I finished one question and tried two others. I couldn’t even setup the other two.

The course is about mathematical proofs. I hate proofs. It’s the academic equivalent of my Achilles’ heel. When it comes to proving things, I am very, very bad at it. If someone told me to prove poop comes out of my ass, I’d have a hard time even figuring out where to start.

So, why the hell I am taking this course? Well, it’s a pre-req for an artificial intelligence course. Geez, if AI is all about crazy proofs, maybe that’s one area I shouldn’t be looking in to then.

By now, I know the academic side of me quite well. I can recognize slight stumbles and know that I’ll be alright. I can also spot when I’ve come upon concepts that confound my brain, and will always be a struggle for me to understand. Discrete math is one such subject.

While April is still a long time away, I know that I will have to battle this course every step of the way.

And on that note, let’s end with a picture from a Super Bowl party.

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