Geez, this school thing sure does get in the way of writing for this web site. Anyways, the important thing is that I’m here now.

So, do you ever wonder about what some of your former classmates are doing now? Do you ever think about the guy that used to eat paste in your 2nd grade class? What about the girl that had all the New Kids On The Block pictures in her locker?

I had a few of those questions answered at my ten year high school reunion. However, some things, you just find out by blind luck. This, is one such story.

I have this friend and former classmate, let’s call him R for now. Well, R was at a strip joint one day in downtown Vancouver. This was about two years ago. To his utter surprise, who did he see on stage? A former junior high classmate. Her name was M. M went to my elementary school and junior high. She was blonde and very pretty. By the time we reached junior high, some people noticed she might have been worried about material wealth more than she should have. However, on the occasions when I did talk to her, she seemed nice enough.

My friend R, came home that night and was bursting at the seams to tell me and another friend about his find. He was so excited. One of our classmates had become a stripper and he got to see M naked. Two birds with one stone in a way.

When he told me, I too was excited, but perhaps not as much as he was. I briefly entertained the notion of seeing her myself, but shortly after it just didn’t seem interesting enough.

My buddy R saw her once more and they actually had a brief conversation after her act. That must have been surreal.

So why am I writing about this now? Well, it’s because I’ve been looking for the last piece of the puzzle. Sure, I have old year book photos of her, but what could I offer in the present tense? How the hell could I show you what she does now? Where do you get pictures of strippers? Real ones? In your own city? Only then could I make a worthy post.

My friends, that piece of the puzzle fell into place two evenings ago. It’s not important how I got the piece or who sent it to me, but that I got it.

Below and to the left is the year book entry for her grade ten year, circa 1989. To the right is a picture of M in “work form”. The picture is cropped for your pleasure, but if you click on it, you’ll get to see the real deal. WARNING: clicking on the pic will lead to some tasteful nudity, so if you’re surfing from a place that would frown upon that, wait until you get home.

It’s interesting how few people in grade ten include stripping as a future activity. Had she done so, I would have given her marks for being insightful. Notice that her stage name is Jade Jordan. It rhymes with Morgan I guess.

I would like to point out that I haven’t passed judgement on M for her career choice. Some strippers make a ton of money and you sure as hell don’t have to go through years of ass-kicking school to get the job. If she likes her job, then why the hell wouldn’t she keep on doing it?

The reason I made this post is because she picked one hell of an interesting career choice and this is something you don’t see everyday.

Oh, and one other thing. Now that I found that picture, she’s the only person from junior high that I’ve seen naked. Ha ha ha…

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