Well, I hadn’t planned on posting right now, but the damn freaking cable service at UBC just went crazy about 25 minutes ago. One minute I’m flipping back and forth between the lovely Jennifer Garner on Saturday Night Live and some sex ed show, then I’m seeing and hearing static.

I’m sitting there in my underwear wondering what’s going on. I check all the cables and everything is as tight as a drum. I re-start the TV app and still static. I get dressed and head on up to the TV room. Some dude is flipping through static as well. He tells me it went out about the same time mine did.

Back down I go, and I get on Messenger to see if anyone is on that lives on campus. Jonathan is on and he lives over at Gage. He tells me he’s getting static too.

So, I could either do work, or something else. Here we are doing something else.

I’d like to share a new link with you. I’ve been reading the on-line press releases from the Los Angeles Police Department for about two years now. These releases detail all serious incidents that the LAPD are involved in on a monthly basis.

Reading through them is fascinating. I know LA is a big city with lots of crime, but the details of each incident just highlight how dangerous it can be to live there. In each month, enough people are murdered to equal maybe half a year’s worth of Vancouver’s homicides. It’s almost unbelievable how many times LAPD officers are involved in firefights in the average month. It’s no surprise they were one of the first departments on the continent to switch their regulation sidearms to semi-automatics.

The LAPD press releases can be found here. When you look through them, take note of the phrase Officer Involved Shooting, usually those are the most interesting. Click here for one of my favourite incidents in years past.

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