$900 FOR WHAT?

Today, or I guess yesterday technically, I went out to Burnaby in the early morning to see my gum specialist. This in itself is interesting because up until yesterday, I didn’t have a gum specialist.

That’s because on Monday, I woke up early to see my regular dentist. He said I have a problem with periodontal pockets, so he booked me with the specialist. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned for my break.

Anyways, my regular dentist also said something weird. He said, “Erwin, I think you should get some blood work done. There’s a really small chance it might be diabetes.”

Had he said anything else other than diabetes, I would have been really worried, but I wasn’t. That’s because I’m hypoglycemic, which is like the exact opposite of diabetes. I’m well aware of the symptoms of diabetes, and I know I don’t have any of those.

Then my dentist made an odd comment. “Oh, by the way, it’s not anything serious like leukemia if you were worried about that”.

Leukemia? I just came for a check-up. Who goes to their dentist thinking they might have leukemia? Geez.

So, I’m getting the blood work done anyways just to appease him. After I saw him, I went to the clinic to a get form for the lab. The doctor asked, “So, wait, tell me again what your dentist said?”.

I told him and then the doc gave me the standard diabetes questions. Pee lots? Tired more? Nope. Nope. He gave me the form afterwards, but I could see the skepticism in his face.

So anyways back to the gum specialist. He said I needed this procedure done on one of my teeth. It’s where they peel away the gum, clean up the root of the tooth, and re-suture the gum back together. Grand total for this hour of fun? $900. I checked my UBC dental plan and I’m covered for half of that. Wow, I might get two done then.

Dude said, “Have a nice meal beforehand, ’cause you’ll be on soft foods for a while”. Nice.

Tomorrow, I am going to wake up and not see any dentists or have anyone shove anything in my mouth and tell me I need to pay them lots of money.

And I will end with pictures of a Valentine’s Day Party.

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