It’s only Tuesday! Holy crap this week is dragging on. I can’t wait until I get back into a routine and the days start flying by.

So, I got up at 8am today. Yesterday, it was 9am. Tomorrow it’ll be 9am again. I’m missing my unbounded bedtimes from last term. I’m a nocturnal person by nature and this new schedule is not agreeing with me. It’s ok now because I have no work to do, but I’m expecting more difficulties later.

Hey, in other news, did anyone watch that Joe Millionaire show on Fox? I could only watch half of it before I couldn’t stand it any more. I think I’ll watch the last episode. I bet the girl says she’ll stay with him irregardless of his wealth, but once the cameras are off, she’ll split as soon as she can.

By the way, if you think that Evan guy is only capable of doing construction work, you’re wrong. As first discovered by The Smoking Gun and reported by Entertainment Weekly, Evan Marriott has previously done some modelling… of men’s thong underwear. “Joe Millionaire” it seems did some photo work for a company called California Muscle which sells men’s “fantasy and body wear”. Our faux-millionaire can be seen modelling exciting items such as the Arabian Boxer and the battle-inspired Gladiator Brief. Warning, there’s no nudity, but if there’s even a sliver of homophobia in you, you probably won’t want to click on those links. Ha ha ha…

Ok, I’m tired as hell, so I’m going to nap.

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