Part of the problem of returning to school after many years is that you don’t know anyone on campus anymore, well at least you think you don’t.

Today, I was had pleasant surprise of running into two people I knew. First up was Sean Walsh. I had just finished up my discrete math class when in comes Sean for his database class. I knew Sean was at UBC, but the place is so big, I think we’ve only seen each other twice on campus all year. Sean and I also worked in the QA department at EA. We talked shop for a while, discussing the various classes we were taking. It was nice seeing a friendly face.

From there, I was on my way to the Com Sci building when I ran into King-Wei Hor. That was a total surprise. I didn’t even think he was in school anymore. King is the only person I know who holds two Bachelor’s degrees. He did his first one in Science (pharmacology I think… or biology… whatever) and his second was in Electrical Engineering. He started his engineering degree only four months after he finished his first degree. He was at UBC for eight straight years. King finally left UBC last spring. I did not expect to see him on campus. King has decided to come back as an unclassified student to do some grad courses in Electrical Engineering. He can’t just stay away from this place! King said he’s thinking about coming back for a Master’s degree. Of all the people I know, I’m certain King would be an ideal grad student, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve met.

We talked at length about computer science and electrical engineering courses, returning to school, and how we were both approaching 30 and still at school. I hadn’t seen King since Dave Shu’s stag. I’m looking forward to seeing King on campus this term.

So, for sure I don’t run into someone I recognize every 100 m on campus like I did before, but it’s reassuring to know there are still a few friendly faces at UBC.

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