Geez, this term is a lot more work than the last. Fridays actually mean something to me now. Oh blessed Fridays, the signal to a brief respite from the toils of school and work.

Hey, you know what I got in the mail today? A pirated copy of The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers. It’s not important who sent it to me, but I’m very grateful to them. Anyways, this bootleg is pretty good in quality. It’s not one of those camcorder jobs off the movie screen. The source material was a “screener” DVD sent to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members for purposes of Oscar nominations (see image above). These screeners are not supposed to be not distributed beyond the members possession, but it happens all the time.

Well, one of these got out to someone who knew how to encode it into the .avi format. As I said, the quality is good, but no where close to a real DVD. The movie is split onto two CDs, three files on one disc, and the final one on the other. The audio volume is really low in parts even though I have the levels turned up. I’m not really sure what is going since the audio was encoded in stereo, which was a nice touch.

You know the movie industry is all worried about piracy and everything, but I still think there’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, even with the great source material, these discs can’t compare to the theatrical presentations nor the eventual legitimate DVD release.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that.

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