Logically, I shouldn’t even be taking the time to post, but I do so to clear my mind and to put down some thoughts.

I spent too much time not working this weekend. I had a social commitment to keep on both days. I had fun going out, but when I returned home, I tried to work like a dog for the rest of the evening. I partially succeeded tonight. Had I worked this hard all through the weekend, I would have steam-rolled through my course work.

Nonetheless, I am a bit frazzled as I have lots to do this week school-wise.

Well, what else happened? Oh, I did manage to order my very first delivery meal at St. John’s College. I ordered from Johnny’s on Saturday evening. I had the lasagna and some chicken wings. The wings were alright, not the biggest wings I’ve seen though. They were kinda over-cooked too. The lasagna was definitely sub-standard. The sauce was decidedly bland, and in what must have been a first, I thought that this particular piece of delivery food needed to be more salty. Will I order from Johnny’s again? Probably not during “regular” hours, but if it’s 2am in the morning and you want food, who else are you going to call?

Hey, do you remember the blogs I wrote about? These were the two blogs I personally read regularly. Anyways, after I linked to them here, both authors have decided or are thinking about not blogging any more. Geez, I must be the kiss of death. Anyways, Alyssa actually took her blog private and now Dev0n is threatening to take her whole site down. I think Alyssa might be going public again, but I’m not sure.

Well, regardless of what happens to those two, you know who I always count on for an entertaining blog? Paul Katcher. I’ve linked to him before, and this won’t be the last time. His stuff is that good.

Hmm… what other crap I can write about before I do more work that will cause me to be a sleep-deprived zombie tomorrow? Oh, this is kinda nerdy (it’s actually 100% geeky), but I’m using this new application called X-Win32. It allows you to run Linux and UNIX applications off a Windows machine. It’s so cool! I use it to connect to the CS UNIX machines at UBC. I can run any number of UNIX apps like emacs, Netscape, gdb, vi, and ddd, all from home. I don’t even have to go to the lab now, and I even live on campus.

I must go now and do the abeforementioned work. Have a great Monday morning.

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