I’m sure everyone has seen the Internet Movie Database, where you can type in a name of someone and get a list of movies and tv shows they’ve worked on. This goes for anyone associated with the production, including assistants and other lower stature people, not just the stars.

Well, there’s a similar (albeit less complete) web site for the world of video games. MobyGames.com has taken it upon themselves to document the names of people who have worked on a game.

Surprisingly, given my short time in the industry, even I have an entry on the site. Click here to see my entry. As I said before, the site is incomplete, and my listing is missing NHL 2001 PSX and NHL 2002 PS2, which were two projects I had the pleasure of being on.

It’s amazing that sitting in front of a video game for four months can get you a little credit on a web site. Want to see some other interesting entries? Click here, here, and here.

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